2023 Volunteer Opportunities

To volunteer, email us at: benwoodhoa@gmail.com

We need your talents and just a little bit of your time! Please volunteer only two hours per month to help us make Benwood an even better place to live!

Membership: Keep the directory up to date. Interact positively with realtors, Title companies, and the Board of Directors (BOD). Skills: Experience with Spreadsheets. 1-2 volunteers

Beautification: Identifies areas within the Benwood neighborhood that may require improvement. Work with BOD to maintain or improve property values. Skills: Problem-solving, positivity, and strong communication skills. 3 volunteers

Architectural Review Committee (ARC): Work alongside experienced ARC members to advise owners and approve or disapprove applications regarding changes or additions to owners’ properties as outlined in Benwood DEED RESTRICTIONS. Skills: Must be knowledgeable of all DEED RESTRICTIONS. Review ARC applications as submitted to the Benwood HOA website.  3 volunteers    

Webmaster: Assist the current webmaster to ensure that BenwoodHOA.com is accurate and updated as needed. Skills: Experience with WordPress or similar website software. 1 volunteer

Social Director: Plan and execute at least one neighborhood social event per year.  Suggestions: Potluck Dinner hosted in one of the cul-de-sacs; Christmas photo shoot for families with desserts and hot apple cider; Holiday parade (4th of July or other,) Benefit walk to bless a family in need. Skills: Experience with community participation events and the ability to recruit a committee to assist. Work with BOD to approve the plan. 1 volunteer Director and 3-4 committee members

Phases I-V Block Captains: One volunteer from each Phase to work with the BOD to understand the concerns of each Phase and work with owners to find solutions. Skills: Strong verbal communication skills and the ability to see both sides of an issue. 5 volunteers



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