Just incase you missed it…….

November 16, 2016

Did you miss the Annual H.O.A. meeting?  No worries, here is some important  information you may want to know.

  • Last night we took some time to honor the law enforcement, EMTs, and Firefighters we have residing in our neighborhood.  We are so fortunate to have many of these men and women as our neighbors and friends!
  • Late Fees- Starting  March 31,2017 a $25 dollar late fee will be added to your account for every 90 days it remains past due.   This means that if the account remains delinquent for an entire year, the total amount due will be $175.
  • The poles for the street signs will soon be in the process of being repaired.  Please be patient while we work on this project.
  •   Complaints- It was brought to the boards attention that some of us are not picking up after are dogs.  Please be a good neighbor and clean up after your dog.
  • Lastly, a few new faces joined the board of directors last night.
    • Andrew Harris has volenteered to fill the postion of Treasurer
    • Amanda Webb has volenteered to fill the postion of Secretary
    • Josh Edgeworth was elected in to fill the vacant position on the board.

Neighborhood watch

November 11, 2016

A resident police  officer has come to the H.O.A board with concerns of a suspicious vehicle spotted in our neighborhood. The vehicle is a tan Chevy Suburban with Polk County tag# 017TLS.  It has a wheel chair lift on the back.  If anyone has any information pertaining to this vehicle please contact the board.   Thank you for helping us keep our neighborhood safe.

Benwood Annual H.O.A meeting

November 11, 2016


The Benwood Annual Home Owners Association meeting will be held Tuesday, Nov. 15th at Michigan Baptist church.  It will begin at 6pm.

We encourage everyone to attend as we

  • honor our community officers
  • elect new board members
  •  discuss policies, new and old
  • this is also a great time for you to voice your concerns or ask any questions you may have concerning the H.O.A

If   you cannot attend, be sure to send a proxy with a neighbor or a member of the H.O.A. board.  Cant wait to see everyone !!


August 25, 2016

Benwood Neighbors~it is time for the Fall Yard Sale. This will be held Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 17, 2016!  This even will be advertised int he Cleveland Daily Banner the week of the sale.  Hope to see everyone out there.


August 25, 2016

Benwood Neighbors it is time for the Fall Yard Sale. This will be held Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 17, 2016! This event will be advertised int he cleveland Daily banner the week of the sale. Hope to see everyone out there.


July 29, 2016

Dear Benwood Residents:

The Benwood Homeowners’ Association, at the annual meeting in November 2015, voted to only have one subdivision yard sale in the Spring of 2016.

Should there be those homeowners that would like to have a fall yard sale, they are most welcome to have one at any time of the year.

If 20 people reply with interest in having a subdivision yard sale on September 16th and 17th, the BOD can approve the payment for advertising.

Reply to this email if you want a yard sale as a subdivision activity in September.

Yard Sale Chairperson

Swimming Pools

June 20, 2016

Section 13 of the Benwood Subdivision Restrictions states that NO above ground swimming pools shall be permitted.  For some reason this becomes a problem each year and this year it is becoming rampant.

Your Board of Directors is receiving many complaints about violation of this restriction.  Please be considerate of those who follow the guidelines.  We all agreed to them when we purchased our property.

Thank you,

Benwood BOD



April 14, 2016

Benwood Neighbors it is time for the Spring Yard Sale.  This will be held Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14, 2016!  This event will be advertised in the Cleveland Daily Banner the week of the sale.  Hope to see everyone out there.

March 17, 2016

Benwood Easter Egg Hunt

Please join your neighbors for an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 26, 2016,  2:00 PM at 146 Benwood Trail NE – rain or shine. The Brnik Family is hosting the free egg hunt in conjunction with First Baptist Church.  Everyone is welcome. Snacks will be available for the children attending.  The Brnik’s would appreciate any candy donations, and a box is on the front porch for your convenience.  

Thanks to the Brnik Family for being great neighbors!  Let’s come out and support them!


November 11, 2015

The Annual Meting of the Benwood Homeowners’ Association, Inc

Will be held on:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015, at 6:00 p.m.

Michigan Avenue Baptist Church

2741 NE Benton Pike

Cleveland, Tennessee

Dear Homeowners:

Please make plans to join us on November 17, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at Michigan Avenue Baptist Church.  The By-Laws require the presence, in person or by Proxy, of twenty-five percent (25%) of our members.  Each lot owner has one vote.  If you are unable to attend, please fill out your Proxy and give it to a neighbor, that will be attending, the right to vote on your behalf.  If you need, a Board Member will be glad to pick up your Proxy.  A Proxy was included in the packet you received earlier this month. It is imperative that we have a quorum so we can carry on with the business of the Homeowner’s Association.

Please note: Yearly dues are due on December 31, 2015.  Any payments received after March 31, 2016 will be delinquent and subject to a $25.00 late charge.  Dues are $100.00 each year.  If you have a circumstance that is keeping you from paying your dues, please contact us immediately.  We are willing to work with you.

Thank you