Annual Meeting- We need your help!

Dear Homeowner:

Please make plans to join us on Feb. 7th at 6:30 pm at Michigan Ave. Baptist Church. The By-Laws require the presence, in person or by Proxy, of twenty-five percent (25%) of our members. Each lot owner has one vote.  This year, we will address all business items before any additional discussions are allowed to be brought to the floor.  We have been asked to do this so those who need to leave early can vote on our essential items and step out of the meeting.

If you are unable to attend, please fill out a Proxy (follow the link below).  You can designate any member to cast your vote.  You can mail, scan and e-mail, or fax us a copy of your proxy.   It is imperative that we have a quorum so we can carry on with the business of the Homeowner’s Association. If you are unable to attend, please take a few minutes to fill-out your proxy so that those in attendance will be able to hold our annual meeting.  In the past, we have had to hold two meetings in order to obtain a quorum.  This costs the Association additional funds that are needed to maintain our common areas.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us.

Click here for 2012 Proxy Form


Fax: 423-559-8439 (ATTN: Emily)



P.O. BOX 6010

CLEVELAND, TN 37320-6010

Thank You!

The Board of Directors


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